AQUACEL® Surgical Clinical Summaries

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Cai J, Karam J

Joint surgery: Dressing with ionic silver reduces rate of acute periprosthetic infection (AQUACEL® Ag Surgical vs. standard dressings)

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Springer B

Total joint arthroplasty: Reduction in incidence of complications, increase in patient satisfaction (AQUACEL® Ag Surgical vs. standard dressings; level 1 randomized clinical trial)

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Schubach, S

Deep sternal wound infection: Reduction in incidence of infection (AQUACEL® Ag Surgical vs. standard dry sterile dressing)

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Clinical Study Summary

Periprosthetic joint infection: Clinical evidence shows dressing reduces incidence of infection in patients undergoing total joint arthoplasty (AQUACEL® Ag Surgical vs. standard dressing)

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AQUACEL® Surgical Dressing

Read about the value of using AQUACEL® Surgical Dressing

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